Some Honest Men Lie About Love


Have you been in a whirlwind relationship and thought you were in love? He could be the “one”! He even said he loved you first! Well, unfortunately, some honest men lie about being in love. They may have ulterior motives.

“One is easily fooled by that which one loves.”–Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere


Before you knew it, the occasional dates that involved Netflix and chill became EVERY date night? You end up initiating all the phone and text contact. No more going out on dates. Basically staying home, watching movies, and then having sex.

Ladies, here is some advice you may want to know…


Actions speak louder than words.


You are probably being taken for granted. You are probably not his “ONE”. Some men will string women along to stay in a sexually gratifying relationship. Some men will lie to you about being in love. If your desire is the same, then all is well. However, if you are looking for a loving, long term relationship this can be heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, some men will tell you anything to get sex. Some honest men will charm you into thinking they are in love with you.


Some honest men will even lie about being in love.


You need to decide if you want to continue on in this type of relationship or not. If it is really important to find a stable, long-lasting relationship then you probably should end this relationship. Your long term goals are not a match.

Empowering yourself with self-respect and confidence can dramatically change your life and relationships. You are an amazing person…You are worthy of a stable and loving relationship.


I am a beautiful and smart woman.
I radiate love.
I deserve the best and I accept the best.
I am worthy of true love.

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