13 Actual Life Saving Hacks That Could Save You or Someone Else


There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst


Life can throw us curve balls and we can wind up in life or death situations. Being prepared with actual life-saving hacks could save you or someone else. When dealing with an emergency situation, always call or delegate someone else to call 911 for help.


Here are some Life-saving hacks that can keep yourself and others safe and alive.


    1. Fill out the emergency contact information on your phone “Health” app. Then click on “Review Medical ID Access”. Then scroll down to “Add emergency contact”.
    2. Keep a good dash-cam like this one in your car, not only for your protection but for others.
    3. Keep a list of your allergies, significant medical history, and medications with the dosages in your wallet.
    4. Microchip your pet.
    5. During a blackout, If you have a white or light-colored ceiling you can shine your phone light or a flashlight up to the ceiling. The light bounces off the light background helping illuminate the room.
    6. If your car is ever stuck in snow or mud, put your floor mats under your tires to gain traction.
    7. Learn CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Remember A, B, C….airway, breathing, circulation. If someone is choking but still coughing and moving air, it is safer to leave them alone. Give them the chance to cough the foreign body out. Only intervene if they stop breathing. Then give the Heimlich maneuver. Take a CPR class near you. Use the American Heart Association course locator tool.
    8. In the event of being caught in a live shooting crisis, run away if you are able, hide, and always remember to turn your phone onto silent mode.
      Plan ahead It wasnt raining when Noah built the arkRichard Cushing
    9. If you find yourself in a sinking vehicle, remember to remain calm but move fast. unbuckle your seat belt first and children in the car, try to roll the windows down if unable use a window breaker like this to break the window. get kids and yourself out of the window. If you can’t break the window, wait until the vehicle is mostly submerged and water pressure has mostly equalized, force open the door and swim to the surface following the bubbles. Try this Emergency Key chain Car Escape Tool.
    10. If you notice you are being pulled out to sea by the water current. This is called a riptide. Do not panic. Do not swim directly to shore. Swim parallel to the shore until you no longer feel you are being pulled out, then swim to shore.
    11. If you think you are being followed while driving, make a right turn at the next 4 chances. Do not go home! If you are still being followed, head towards a police station.
    12. If you or someone you know is impaled or stabbed by an object like a knife, tree branch, glass, etc. do not pull the object out. The object may be stopping or slowing down the bleeding from the injury. Hold pressure around the object to help stop the bleeding if necessary. Let EMS or the hospital remove the object.    ** This is the First Aid kit I keep in my car BTW. **
    13. If you are dealing with a bleeding wound or injury, elevate the area if possible, then hold continuous pressure on the area with a bandage or even a piece of clothing. Do not let up the pressure. If bleeding is profuse and does not stop after 20 minutes, continue to hold pressure while someone else calls 911.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin


I am strong enough to overcome any obstacles in my way
I am in control of how I feel and act
I remain calm in moments of stress

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